A brand that talks about traditions, women and energy. A name that expresses emotions and feelings. A jewel that tells the story and personality of who is wearing it. It’s Amore&Baci the unique style of every woman.
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A brand that talks about tradition, women and energy. A name that expresses emotions and feelings. Jewels that tell the story and the personality belonging to who is wearing them. It’s Amore&Baci, the unique style of every woman…


Amore&Baci was founded in 2009. In that year the first custom beads were created and the first jewelry collections were designed to give every woman the opportunity to tell their stories and express their own way of being and feeling. Modular and extremely versatile jewels, always in different shapes, that tell with enthusiasm and passion the personality of each woman.

Amore&Baci entered the world of modular jewelry, with thousands of possible combinations that perfectly embody the concept of “jewel.” From the moment of its birth, Amore&Baci has given much importance to the world of image and communication without giving up the quality of typical italian design with attention to detail and product innovation.

The brand’s adventure started from the Old Continent, first in Italy and then in the rest of Europe. The distribution network was then extended in Canada, USA and Australia.


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In addition to the beads main collection, Amore&Baci presents two other collections, the Junior and Charms, that include more than 10,000 products to meet all the requirements of style and taste.

Amore&Baci is currently distributed in more than 30 countries with thousands of authorized distributors and retailers all over the the world. There are several news in agenda and new products will be launched on the market to satisfy an increasingly demanding customers in terms of personalization and fashion trends.

Amore&Baci brand holds fascinating stories that its jewelry can tell and show through careful attention to detail and the quality of raw materials.