A brand that talks about traditions, women and energy. A name that expresses emotions and feelings. A jewel that tells the story and personality of who is wearing it. It’s Amore&Baci the unique style of every woman.
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Silver Murano Swarovski
All our collections are created by the best artisans in 925 sterling silver.


Each jewel is created by the best artisans in 925 sterling silver.

The high standards of our silver jewelry and the Italian design are a quality guarantee for the consumer.



All our Murano glass beads are top quality items, guaranteed and certified “Original Murano Glass”. It’s a handcrafted product and the glass presents different characteristics depending on environmental conditions in which it is made (temperature, humidity, time of year etc.)

For this reason, the products can be slightly different from those in the catalog in terms of color, shape and size, this ensures that the product is handcrafted by master artisans in Murano.



Leather: Amore&Baci leather bracelets are created using high quality leather processed by skilled craftsmen and designers and following the latest International Standards  

Enamels: All the enamels used have been created in accordance with the highest quality standards.

Jewelery care

To keep each Amore&Baci piece in its original condition it is important to treat the silver jewelry with love and care.

It would be better to avoid contact with water or other liquids and it is recommended to wear our silver jewelry when creams or lotions are well absorbed and only after spraying perfume.

It is preferable not to wear jewelry while hard work and do not clean them with chemicals.