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Beads Collection - AmoreeBaci


A brand that talks about traditions, women and energy. A name that expresses emotions and feelings. A jewel that tells the story and personality of who is wearing it. It’s Amore&Baci the unique style of every woman.
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Beads are the top of the range for Amore&Baci, the best of a brand that through its products tells every woman’s personal story. An endless combination of beads to create a customized and unique jewel, able to remember and to immortalize the most important moments of their lives and emphasize the values ​​and qualities that reflect the way of being of each person.

Any story can become a bracelet, every emotion can be relived through a unique jewel like the person that is wearing it.

Beads created by from innumerable shapes find their expression through the use of different materials, the authentic Murano glass, Swarovski‘s sparkling, ceramics, wood, enamel, elegantly combined with leather or silver and declined in wonderful collections of bracelets, necklaces earrings and rings.

The manufacturing quality and the choice of materials and colors are the hallmarks of Amore&Baci, a mix and match of combinable elements that has a scent of creativity, freedom and fun.

Amore&Baci rings are part of this collection, with a wide range of styles, from the traditional solitaire, to the heart shape, the engagement ring, all composable to create trendy combinations always different. A special mix and match perfect for a romantic evening, a dinner with friends or a business meeting.

The collection

Amore & Baci beads collection allows you to collect, change and add beads and charms to your bracelets, necklaces and earrings, easily and whenever you want. The collection includes hundreds of beads and different colors to mix and match.

Express yourself freely and capture every moment of your life with our bead: birthdays, weddings, travel, animals, friends and much more. You can also give to each bead a meaning for your special events.

Thanks to the wide range of styles and colors of our beads, composing and creating the jewelry can become a lot of fun for every woman and for those who buy Amore & Baci jewelry as a gift. Amore & Baci is like a world where you can always create new compositions and you never get bored!

Each piece is unique and depends exclusively on the taste and style of who wears them. It can be changed by adding or removing the beads according to the outfit and mood.

The great variety of beads and the simple concept of ``do it yourself``, make our products appealing to a wide target of all ages. Every woman can find her own way to interpret the beads Amore&Baci depending on age, taste and lifestyle.

The last beads

Some of our beads that you can mix as you want



The color of love, perfect to wear on special occasions like Valentine’s Day matched with beads from the romantic flavor as “key heart”, “Heartlock” or “love.”



An unusual color, linked to creativity and imagination, those who love purple are therefore art lovers. This color goes well with beads linked to music, to play or to the imagination as “musical notes”, “guitar” or “princess carriage”.



Yellow, a symbol of dynamism and energy is well suited to lovers of travel and to the beads line “Travel Memories”. Discover all the monuments and traveling with beads “Amore&Baci”.



An evergreen color that goes with everything. Perfect to combine with all the silver beads. For “darker” souls perfectly matches the bead “terrible skull” or “ghost”



The color of the sea is wonderful in all seasons, but it shows its best in summer combined with all the marine-themed beads such as “palms”, “shining sun” and “anchor”.



A sweet and feminine color, particularly suitable to celebrate the birth of a child. Among our beads the choice may be “mom heart”, “your baby is coming” or “It’s a girl”.